Today on the Brief: A record week for peer-to-peer exchanges in the developing world A digital dollar gets discussed in Congress Previewing the Federal…
Welcome to Davey Day Trader world.
Plus a coup at Bitmain, Russian crypto intrigue and the latest definitely-not-QE Fed action
Featuring guest Scott Melker
The most important conversations in crypto, today.
Featuring Jake Hanrahan of Popular Front
From price action to network activity to the fall of dapps
Plus Caitlin Long on starting a crypto bank
Featuring Alhambra Investment's Jeffrey P. Snider
Plus Square gets in on the LN game and Telegram sees support from the blockchain community
What’s up breakers? Monday’s podcast was a fun one. Last week, the markets lit up when hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones announced his interest in bitcoin…
Niall Ferguson has called this moment an “age of experimentation” when it comes to currencies. One of the unique features of this moment is the…